Hey pallys. 

     Sage Atwood and I made a video for my song Dominator.  Sage is a sweet man, tireless collaborator, has nice teeth.  We’ve worked together on most of the videos Ive done over the past few years.  If you don’t like the videos Ive made then its almost as much his fault as it is mine.  Or yours if you’re being a jerk about it.  

    Most videos I do start with a slice, small to large, of an idea that is followed immediately by a kind of light panic that I associate more with a fear of embarrassment than with an existential fear (e.coli infection or wolf attack).  I’ve gotten used to it, as I think one must when they spend a good amount of time working on things that they don’t really know how to do.  Thats how I feel about making these videos.  If I accept the panic of my ignorance, and slowly let it dissolve over time, then i can keep making these videos, and hopefully you will keep watching them.  

     The song itself is more about the opening quote than any other aspect of the video.  Mostly we just wanted to make it interesting, and execute the ideas we had in the beginning.  I was influenced by ( to the point of nearly stealing)  some of Oliver Larics internet art.  Besides that, Sage had just set up a whitewall in his dining room and I knew I had access to a purple suit through Topmans 30 day full refund policy.  I encourage anyone to “rent” suits this way.  Topman seems like a terrible company and I felt like I was really chipping away at their corporate structure until I lost the receipt and had to keep one of the suits I bought.  On that day, capitalism won, but I live to fight another day, and I have a lousy purple suit to fight in.  

                          I hope you like the video, we’ve got more coming.  


I heard that the show " Stranger Things", was the result of accumulated data showing what people most liked to see in a TV show.  Sage and I didn't have any data, just the mushy supercomputers known as our "gut".  Cats, smooth n' funky grooves, and low-budget green screen are what we came up with.  Please enjoy.  

This video is part of a series of rearrangements of songs off of the Oh, Wild Ocean of Love record. We used some synthesizers on the record and now I dream of them day and night. Luckily my friend Jon Price AKA Puritan Paul, a software engineer and artist, was around to indulge my geekery. So geek we did. Hope you enjoy.

Here's the second in the rearrangement series, a string quartet take on, "Blooming", by Drew Taubenfeld and myself.  If you find yourself drawn into the string quartet geeko-zone, send me a message, I'm looking for new music to listen to, and I can point you towards some, "righteous" pieces. 


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